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Industrial Pump

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  1. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

    Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is known for good suction lift characteristics, ability to handle sludge & slurries having high amount of solid content. It delivers hermetic seal between drive mechanism & compression chamber. This pump has the ability to transfer, compress, & evacuate media without any requirement of lubricating medium. It is highly appreciated for its leak proof nature, low amount of friction generation, and low pressure sensitivity.
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  2. Centrifugal Pump

    Centrifugal Pump works on the principle of conversion of rotational energy to kinetic in a moving fluid. It is comprised of a rotating motor, pump casing, impeller, driveshaft flange, and rotating direction indicator. Fluid in this pump enters axially and gains pressure & velocity while it passes through the impeller. It is ideal to be used for water, petroleum, sewage, and petrochemical applications. This pump is also comprised of a doughnut shaped diffuser for decreasing the flow & further increasing the pressure.
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  3. Chemical Process Pumps

    Chemical Process Pumps are manufactured using rich grade alloy metal alloy with a protective coating to provide high resistance from acid & alkali. They are ideal to be used in paper & pulp, textile, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries. These pumps consist of heavy duty motor, seals, and outer casing. They are installed in processing systems, machines, and devices. These pumps have the capability to handle hazardous chemicals, high pressure, and high heat applications.
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  4. Chemical Pump

    Chemical Pump is used for transferring acids, alkalis, water, and viscous fluids to the processing systems. It is widely used in paint processing, agricultural, ETP, and food & beverage industries. This is a type of positive displacement pump which is highly appreciated for its supreme performance under extreme working environments. It is known for high torque generating capacity even at low speed. Body of this pump is manufactured using polypropylene material due to its non reactive nature.
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  5. Filter Press Pump

    Filter Press Pump is widely used in food pressing industries and effluent treatment plants. It is also installed in filter presses required for separation of different sized particles from fluid & slurry. This pump is comprised of dynamically balanced rotating parts, ball bearing, and heavy duty shaft. It is known for its high efficiency, low power consumption, and leak proof gland assembly. This pump is highly appreciated for providing high flow and discharge rate.
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  6. Industrial Sewage Pumps

    Industrial Sewage Pumps are specifically designed to be used for discharging wastewater having numerous solid impurities. They are provided with an automatic reset motor to prevent its damage due to high voltage fluctuations and overheat conditions. Also known as submersible pumps, they are also suitable to be used for packaged pump stations where gravitational drainage is not possible.
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  7. Mud Pump

    Mud Pump is the main component which is required during oil well drilling operation. It is used for circulating drilling fluid at high pressure using reciprocating plunger or piston. This pump is comprised of fluid & power ends, housing, liner, piston rod, suction & discharge valves, stuffing box, and pulsation dampener. It can deliver highly viscous liquid with great efficiency, low noise, and minimum vibration.
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  8. Polypropylene Monoblock Pump

    Polypropylene Monoblock Pump is used for continuous process operation, transfer of corrosive fluids, and working with liquids having high viscosity. It has the ability to withstand misalignment distortion and high pressure. This pump is utilized in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and dairy industries. Its outer casing is fabricated using true grade polypropylene polymer which provides it good rust resistance, sturdiness, and easily cleanable surface. Shaft sleeve & mechanical seal of this pump is fitted according to the type of application.
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  9. Polypropylene Pump

    Polypropylene Pump is manufactured to be used for transporting corrosive liquids, saline water, acids, alkalis, and potable water. It is extensively utilized in chemical, fermentation, brewing, and beverage processing industries. This pump is capable of transferring fluid at constant high pressure with low energy consumption. Due to its polypropylene made impellers and housing, it can also be easily used in thermal & atomic power plants.
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  10. PP Pump

    PP Pump is manufactured using high grade polypropylene thermoplastic polymer possessing excellent thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties. It is ideal to be used for military, mining, aerospace, petroleum, and pulp & paper industries. This pump is highly appreciated for its great tolerance to extreme pressure situations and availability for heavy duty applications. It can also be used as centrifugal pump for fluid transportation at constant rate.
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  11. Process Pumps

    Process Pumps are the industrial assemblies required for moving fluids for various industrial operations. They are completely suitable to be used for applications that handle corrosive chemicals. Due to their robust structural configuration, these pumps are ideal to be utilized in hydrocarbon processing plants & refineries. Designed according to the API standards, they can also act as positive displacement pumps. These assemblies are greatly admired for their heavy duty performance under high pressure situations.
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  12. Rotary Gear Pump

    Rotary Gear Pump is widely used for hydraulic power applications and pumping of highly viscous fluids. Its complete assembly consists of case seal, drive gear, suction port, idler gear, bushing, pressure port, and drive shaft. This gear pump is operated on the principle of creating void & suction that is later filled by flowing fluid. It is then carried to the discharge part of the pump where fluid is displaced by mesh gears.
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  13. Progressive Cavity Screw Pump

    Technical Data :-
    • Capacity : up to 150 m3 / hr
    • Pressure : up to 30 kg/cm2
    • Discharge Size :25 mm to 150 mm
    • Speed : up to 720 rpm
    • Temperature : max 120° C
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  14. Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

    Technical Data
    • Head: up to 50 mtr.
    • Flow: up to 45 m3 / hr
    • Temp:up to 120 C
    • M.O.C. :Investment Casting CFBM (SS-316),Aluminum, PP.PVDF
    • Max. Partical Size: 6.35 mm
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  15. Centrifugal Air Cooled Hot Oil Pump

    Technical Data:-
    • Capacity :up to 180 m3 /hr
    • Head :up to 80 Mtr
    • Discharge Size :32 mm to 80 mm
    • Temperature :up to 350° C
    • Speed :up to 3500 rpm
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  16. Pulp & Paper Mill Pump

    Technical Data :-
    • Head : up to 25 Mtr.
    • Flow : up to 18 m3 /hr
    • Temp : up to 65-70° C
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  17. Horizontal Side Suction Pump

    Technical Data :-

    • Head : up to 70 mtr.
    • Flow : up to 110 m3/hr
    • Temp : up to 110° C
    • M.O.C : CI,CI /SS, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, Bronze Alloy 20 etc
    • RPM : 1440 RPM
    • TYPE : Mechanical Seal / Gland Type
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  18. High Pressure Multi Stage Boiler Feed Pump

     Technical Data :-

    • Head : up to 250 mtr.
    • Flow : up to 20 m3 /hr
    • Temp : up to 105° C
    • M.O.C :CI. CS, Bronze, CI/SS
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  19. Vertical Long Shaft Pump

    Technical Data
    • capacity: up to 325 m3 /hr
    • Head : up to 60 mtr
    • Discharge Size : 25 mm to 125 mm
    • Temperature : 60° C
    • Pump Length : up to 4 mtr.
    • Speed : up to 3500 rpm
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